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Navy STTR 23.A BAA Topics

Pre-released 1/11/23   |   Opened to receive proposals 2/08/23   |   Closed 3/08/23 12:00pm ET

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Navy Phase I STTR Instructions & Topics
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  • List of Navy 23.A STTR Modifications - Updated 2/8/23
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    [23.A Topics] NAVAIR Topics:
    N23A-T001 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Toolkit to Produce Common Adaptive Mesh for Virtual Reality-based Multidisciplinary Interactive Design of Naval Aircraft
    N23A-T002   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Integration of Fiber Optics Systems Design, Supportability, and Maintainability
    N23A-T003   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Improved Physics Modeling for Sand Particulate Tracking and Deposition in Gas Turbine Engines
    N23A-T004 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Digital Twin-based Machine Control for Adaptive Additive Manufacturing Processing of Metallic Aerospace Components
    N23A-T005 Q&A Sensor System for Time-Resolved Temperature Measurements in High-Temperature/High-Velocity Exhaust Plumes
    N23A-T006   Microwave Curing Process Modeling for Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Composites
    N23A-T007 Q&A Ultra-Compact, Lightweight MWIR Zoom Imaging Optics Based on Flat Lens Technology
    N23A-T008   Ultra-fast Full-Wave Photonic Simulation and Optimization
    [23.A Topics] NAVSEA Topics:
    N23A-T009 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Generalizable Tactical Software AI/ML-informed Debloating
    N23A-T010   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Sonar Dome Anti-Fouling Tracking and Prediction Tool
    N23A-T011   Innovative Optics for Wide Field of View Infrared Sensors
    N23A-T012   Atmospheric Aerosol Model and Data Collection Over the Marine Boundary Layer for Imaging/Radiofrequency (RF) and Laser Beam Propagation
    N23A-T013   Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Sensor Data Transformation Tool
    N23A-T014 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Automated Knowledge Base Extraction and Student Assessment

    [23.A Topics] ONR Topics:
    N23A-T015   Scalable Net-Zero JP-10 Production from Non-Fossil Fuel Resources
    N23A-T016 Q&A Lightweight Turbogenerator for Vertical Take-off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Systems- in Marine Environments
    N23A-T017   Coherent Sensing Approaches for Dynamic Spectrum Allocation
    N23A-T018   Reliable Hydroxyl-Terminated PolyButadiene for Rocket Motors
    N23A-T019   Electrochemical Machining of Turbine Engine Components
    N23A-T020   Scalable Production of Carbon-Based Composites from Sequestered Environmental Carbon
    N23A-T021   Autonomous, Long-Duration, Directional Ambient Sound Sensor
    N23A-T022 Q&A Lightweight Mirrors for Microsatellites and Small Satellites
    N23A-T023   Integrated Optical Imaging of the Environment on Underwater Autonomous Vehicles
    N23A-T024   Compact Condensers Enabled by Additive Manufacturing
    N23A-T025 Q&A Cloud Nowcasting Data/Model Fusion
    N23A-T026 Q&A Development of Finite-Rate Ablation Toolset for Hypersonic Vehicles
    N23A-T027 Q&A Digital Sidekick for Submarine Watchstander Augmentation
    N23A-T028   Broadband, High Power, Low Loss N-polar GaN Radio Frequency (RF) Switches
    N23A-T029   Non-Intrusive Aerodynamic State Sensing for Hypersonic Flight Control

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