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Navy SBIR 23.3 BAA Topics

Pre-release 8/23/23   |   Opens to receive proposals 9/20/23   |   Closed 10/18/23 12:00pm ET

Navy Phase I Instructions & Topics
  • NAVY_SBIR_233_v3.pdf   (9/20/23)
  • Navy Direct to Phase II Instructions & Topics
  • NAVY_D2P2_SBIR_233_v2.pdf   (9/20/23)
  • List of Navy 23.3 SBIR Modifications - as of 9/20/23
  • DoD Instructions & Submission
  • DoD 23.3 SBIR BAA Preface & Instructions
  • All DoD BAA Instructions Website
  • [23.3 Topics] NAVFAC Standard Topics:
    N233-117 Q&A Defluorination of PFAS-impacted Matrices and Detection Methodologies
    N233-118 Q&A Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomy for Improved Operations and Modernization of Navy Shipyards
    [23.3 Topics] NAVWAR Standard Topics:
    N233-119 Solid State Power Amplifier System for Very Low Frequency Communication
    [23.3 Topics] NAVWAR Direct to Phase II Topics:
    N233-D10 Time Division Duplex (TDD) Radio Frequency (RF) Beamforming Chip for Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)
    [23.3 Topics] ONR Standard Topics:
    N233-120 Transparent and Back-Lit Liquid-Crystal Displays for Lensless Computational Imaging

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