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Navy 24.A STTR Selections

Proposals from the offerors listed next to the topic numbers have been selected for further consideration under DoD STTR Program BAA 24.A

The list of selections is an ongoing process that may take a few months to complete. You can register below to receive email notifications of updates to the list. Your email address is not shared with anyone, and is deleted after the selection process is complete.   [Register here]

Please note: A listing on this page is NOT a notification of contract award.

Updated 5/16/24

  Topic Selectee                                                              Address                         
  N24A-T001 Apsidal Riverside, CA
  N24A-T001 Olkin Optics, LLC Orlando, FL
  N24A-T001 Photon Sciences, Inc Plano, TX
  N24A-T002 IERUS Technologies, Inc. Huntsville, AL
  N24A-T002 VRC Metal Systems, LLC Box Elder, SD
  N24A-T003 Amethyst Research Incorporated Norman, OK
  N24A-T003 Applied Optimization, Inc. Fairborn, OH
  N24A-T003 TransWave Photonics, LLC Austin, TX
  N24A-T004 CFD Research Corporation Huntsville, AL
  N24A-T004 Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. Miamisburg, OH
  N24A-T004 Etegent Technologies, LTD BLUE ASH, OH
  N24A-T005 to
  Topic Selectee Address
  N24A-T007 to
  Topic Selectee Address
  N24A-T010 NanoSonic, Inc. Pembroke, VA
  N24A-T010 Resono Pressure Systems Laramie, WY
  N24A-T010 Tanner Research, Inc. Duarte, CA
  N24A-T011 Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA
  N24A-T011 CFD Research Corporation Huntsville, AL
  N24A-T011 Luna Labs USA, LLC Charlottesville, VA
  N24A-T012 BTech Acoustics LLC Barrington, RI
  N24A-T012 QorTek, Inc. Linden, PA
  N24A-T013 Arorae Corporation Tampa, FL
  N24A-T013 Cognitive Performance Group of Florida Portsmouth, VA
  N24A-T013 Dignitas Technologies, LLC Orlando, FL
  N24A-T013 Quantum Improvements Consulting LLC Orlando, FL
  N24A-T013 Tech Wizards, Inc. King George, VA
  N24A-T014 A10 Systems LLC Chelmsford, MA
  N24A-T014 FireHUD, Inc. Atlanta, GA
  N24A-T014 Qen Labs Inc. Eden Prairie, MN
  N24A-T015 CFD Research Corporation Huntsville, AL
  N24A-T015 Etegent Technologies, LTD BLUE ASH, OH
  N24A-T015 Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. Huntsville, AL
  N24A-T015 Surface Optics Corporation San Diego, CA
  N24A-T016 Combustion Science & Engineering, Inc. Columbia, MD
  N24A-T016 Creare LLC Hanover, NH
  N24A-T016 IN Space, L.L.C. Lafayette, IN
  N24A-T016 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N24A-T016 Spectral Energies, LLC Beavercreek, OH
  N24A-T017 Artimus Robotics Inc. Boulder, CO
  N24A-T017 Emergingdx Inc MANSFIELD, MA
  N24A-T017 nou Systems, Inc. Huntsville, AL
  N24A-T017 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N24A-T018 Creare LLC Hanover, NH
  N24A-T018 Mainstream Engineering Corporation Rockledge, FL
  N24A-T018 Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. Waimanalo, HI
  N24A-T019 Method Security Mound, MN
  N24A-T019 P&J Robinson Corporation Boerne, TX
  N24A-T019 thatDot, Inc. Portland, OR
  N24A-T019 Trusted Science and Technology, Inc. Rockville, MD
  N24A-T020 Applied Ocean Sciences Fairfax Station, VA
  N24A-T020 ARiA Madison, VA
  N24A-T020 Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA
  N24A-T021 AsterTech LLC Dayton, OH
  N24A-T021 Boron Specialties, LLC AMBRIDGE, PA
  N24A-T021 Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA
  N24A-T022 MetroLaser, Inc. Laguna Hills, CA
  N24A-T022 Rochester Scientific, LLC El Cerrito CA
  N24A-T022 Spectral Energies, LLC Beavercreek, OH
  N24A-T023 Creare LLC Hanover, NH
  N24A-T023 Solvus Global Worcester, MA
  N24A-T023 Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA
  N24A-T024 Corvid Technologies, LLC Mooresville, NC
  N24A-T024 Hepburn and Sons LLC Manassas, VA
  N24A-T024 Nanohmics, Inc Austin, TX
  N24A-T024 NanoVox LLC Beaverton, OR
  N24A-T024 United Protective Technologies, LLC Locust, NC
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