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NAVY SBIR/STTR Innovation Center at Gold Coast 2023

The Department of Navy SBIR/STTR Programs hosted an SBIR/STTR Innovation Center at the recent NAVY Gold Coast Event, July 26 - 28, 2023 in San Diego, CA. The Navy's SBIR/STTR Innovation Center included a group of 20 NAVY SBIR/STTR Phase II awardees showcasing their phase II technologies.

A recap of those companies and their technologies are listed below.

2023 Participants

Company NameProject Title
ACSILabs, Inc.Accelerating Acquisition of Tactical Expertise in Ill Structured Combat Settings
AOSense, Inc.Quantum Atomic Inertial Sensor (QuAIS)
AreteN20A-T014 Machine Learning for Simulation Environments
Aviation Systems Engineering Company (ASEC)
  • On Demand Training Solutions for Maintenance Technicians
  • Navy Standardized After-action Review Framework Integration (NSTAR-X)
  • Bascom Hunter Technologies, Inc.Implementing Neural Network Algorithms on Neuromorphic Processors
    Boston Fusion Corp.Inertial Navigation System Inspection and Detection of Evolving Roles (INSIDER)
    CoAspire, LLCGuided Training Round (GTR)
    Corvid TechnologiesOptimized Energy-Attenuating Seat Design for Ground Vehicles
    Critical Frequency Design, LLCModel Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for Tactical Data Link Systems
    Diversified Technologies, Inc.Power Dense Single Core Three-Phase Transformer
    Intellisense Systems, Inc.Transition Wide-Angle Goggles with Integrated Illuminated Display (TWIGIID)
    Kairos AutonomiUniversal Vehicle Controller (UVC)
    Luna Labs USA, LLCDigital Twin Technologies for Airframe Corrosion
    Lynntech, Inc.Passive RFID Embedded Stress Sensor (PRESS) System
    MATSYS, Inc.Formable Reactive Material Composites
    Milanoski & Associates, Inc.
    Physical Sciences, Inc.Compact Phase Locked Laser System for Atom Interferometric Inertial Sensors
    TDA Research, Inc.Cooling Shirts for Workers in Hot Environments
    TDI Novus, Inc.Contextual Observations for Natural Speech Characterization On Unmanned Ships (CONSCIOUS)
    UtopiaCompression Corp.Deep Learning Surface Object Classifier (DLSOC)

    2022 Participants

    Company NameProject Title
    Atom, IncCollapsible Electronic Paper Display
    Attollo Engineering, LLCHigh Operating Temp Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) / Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) Dual-Band Detectors for Weapon Targeting & Seekers
    Beacon Interactive SystemsMISSILE - A Digital Platform for Surface Combat Systems Center (SCSC)
    Boston Engineering CorporationSentinel - Tactically Relevant Biologically Inspired Profiling Maritime Device for Surface/Subsurface SOF/Intel Missions
    CloudJuncxion, IncBandwidth Virtualization
    Continuous Solutions LLCMedium Voltage Grounding System and Common Mode Mitigation for Medium Voltage System
    Design Mill, IncShipboard Dimensional Analysis Tool (SDAT)
    Dynamic Dimension TechnologiesSurf Zone Simulation for Autonomous Amphibious Vehicles
    Fantastic Data LLCManned-Unmanned Directional Mesh Enhanced Tactical Airborne Networks
    First RF CorporationBeyond Line of Sight (BLOS) High Data Rate Communications
    MaXentric Technologies LLCHigh Dynamic Range Multi-Carrier Amplifier (HDR MCA)
    ObjectSecurity LLCRedBox: Red Team in a Box
    Pax Scientific Inc.Generation of Hydrogen from Seawater, Powered by Solar PV, Leading to Cogeneration of Electricity and Potable Water
    SimVentions, Inc.Effective Collaboration and Multi-Tasking in System of System Planning and Deployment Engineering
    Skayl LLCIntegration Flexibility with Scalable Infrastructure
    Soar Technology, Inc.SkyFall
    VirtualiticsData Enabled Photogrammetry
    VR Rehab, Inc. (VRR)Rugged Touchscreen Button with Positive Indication Feedback
    Wolf Technical Services, Inc.Aircrew-Mounted Self-Adjusting Tether System
    Xiphos Partners, LLCJoint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Virtual Trainer (JVT)