NAVY 21.B SBIR Topic Selections

Proposals from the offerors listed next to the topic numbers have been selected for further consideration, meaning that the proposal is of interest, but the final decision and contract negotiation is not complete.

The list of selections is an ongoing process that may take a few months to complete. You can register below to receive email notifications of updates to this list. Your email address is not shared with anyone, and is deleted after the selection process is complete.

 Please note: A listing on this page is not a notification of contract award.

The list is not final and will be updated periodically
Last Update: 10/7/21

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Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)
Ms. Donna Attick





  N21B-T019 EOSPACE Inc Redmond, WA
  N21B-T019 Fibertek, Inc. Herndon, VA
  N21B-T019 Nexus Photonics Goleta, CA
  N21B-T020 American Maglev Technology of Florida, Inc. Amelia Island, FL
  N21B-T020 Fastwatt LLC Clifton Park, NY
  N21B-T020 Hepburn and Sons LLC Manassas, VA
  N21B-T021 Charles River Analytics Inc. Cambridge, MA
  N21B-T021 Metron, Inc. Reston, VA
  N21B-T021 Perceptronics Solutions, Inc. Sherman Oaks, CA
  N21B-T021 Scientific Systems Company, Inc Woburn, MA
  N21B-T021 Xtensor Systems Inc. Simi Valley, CA
  N21B-T022 Applied Optimization, Inc. Fairborn, OH
  N21B-T022 Global Engineering and Materials, Inc. Princeton, NJ
  N21B-T022 Technical Data Analysis, Inc. Falls Church, VA
  N21B-T023 Ark Power Tech Corporation COPPELL, TX
  N21B-T023 Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX
  N21B-T023 Natrion Albany, NY
  N21B-T024 Aptima, Inc. Woburn, MA
  N21B-T024 Global Technology Connection, Inc. Atlanta, GA
  N21B-T024 Soar Technology, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI